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Alberg 35 - FWC - "For those of you interested in FWC, here's what I've done with mine. I went through all the hassle of installing a cabin heater and water heater, but could never get water temps high enough because of the way the late model (thermostat) system works. I thought about bypass valves and other things, but I wanted a clean set up with no fuss and as few restrictions as possible. Indigo came out with basically an old style "Dole" thermostat system that would do what I wanted plumbing wise. The thermostat works brilliantly and provides an excellent source of hot coolant for my cabin heater and water heater, so I hope word spreads over time about it! I think it might be on the wish list for a lot of people and they are just waiting for the right circumstances. For what its worth, I'm a big fan of it! I ran my engine hard this weekend and had rock steady temps."
Micah Sauntry, Annapolis, MD - 2011

Catalina 30 "Happenstance" - RWC - "I am very pleased with the performance of the new thermostat. The engine warms up much faster and maintains a very steady temperature around 160. Everything is working perfectly and I am pleased."
Alan Reinhart, Savannah, GA - 2012

FWC - "Your Indigo Atomic 4 fresh water cooling thermostat kit is terrific! My 1978 Atomic 4 is now running at the correct temperature, and maintains that temperature constantly. Due to lack of head room in the mid-cabin engine compartment, I had to modify the original design just a bit. Your availability to help with the modification was excellent and all worked well. Thank you for making it possible to run my Atomic 4 without constantly being concerned about engine temperature. Boating is more relaxed and fun now."
Joe Latoff, St John, MI - 2012

Islander 32 - RWC - "The thermostat has been working perfectly, maintaining a steady 150F, with no issues at all. When it comes to the Atomic 4 engine, Indigo is a life saver, they have the needed upgrades that made my engine come to life again and runs better than ever. Thanks Tom!"
Mark Ajemian, Mountain Valley, CA - 2012

Catalina 30 - FWC - "I have installed many upgrades from your site in my 1981 Catalina 30 such as the mechanical fresh water cooling, oil filter, electronic ignition, propeller and the thermostat. All units are working as expected. I'm starting my third season with our upgraded Atomic 4. The thermostat is built very well and works without flaw. I was very impressed with the castings and the machining of the parts. Removal of the thermostat element is a snap if it needed to be replaced or inspected. The first time I started the engine I was startled how quickly the motor came up to temperature. After a few more tries I realized this is one of the benefits of this unit. After it is up to temperature it is rock solid and runs by my gauge 180 degrees. We anchor out often and enjoy hot showers from a short run of the engine in the morning. With short warm up time the hot water tank is good in about 15 minutes. Thank you for your upgrades."
Paul Hayden, Marlton, NJ - 2013

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