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Indigo Electronics Atomic 4 Belt Tensioning Device

Original Design

As originally built, the Atomic 4 engine was not equipped with any means of adjusting belt tension. Brute force or some sort of "jury rig" was used instead. As a result, it was very difficult to obtain the proper belt tension. This problem becomes more of an issue when the Indigo Fresh Water Cooling pump is added or a high output alternator is installed.

Indigo Design

What is it? - The guiding principle behind the new Indigo design is a simple, convenient, and effective means of adjusting belt tension. A very simple jacking mechanism has been developed to allow for proper belt tensioning in even confined locations. Shown below are views of the device as installed.

How Does it Work? - The existing bolt that locks the alternator in position relative to the adjusting arm is removed. A new small and a new large sub-assembly are attached to the adjusting arm with a new alternator locking bolt and the bolt attached to the small sub-assembly. By rotating a long "coupling" nut on a stud, the alternator is easily lifted to properly tension the belt. Once the belt is properly tensioned, the new nuts are fully tightened to lock the alternator in place.

NOTE: The long coupling nut is utilized to allow easy rotation with a wrench even if you cannot readily see the nut and must feel your way along.

  • Easy 30 minute, "bolt on" installation, all necessary components included.
  • Easily adjust belt tension in even the tightest engine compartments.
  • All fasteners Stainless Steel.

A Special Thanks to an Anonymous Customer whose ideas inspired this re-design!

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