Customer Comments - Navman Repair

Power Boat - Navman 3100 Fuel - "Thanks for the connector and instructions - attached is a video and photo of the positive results. The repair worked exactly as described. I powered the unit up and did not have to move the connecter at all. Thanks again."
Mark Michael, Orange, CT USA- 2013

Power Boat - Navman G Pilot - " I've inserted the zebra connector as you had advised so first put the LCD and PCB together and than insert the connector afterwards.. Because the connector still had a lot of upward pressure, I was unable to click-in the LCD into the PCB properly. It became lose every time.. As you can imagine I was very afraid to spoil the LCD so I decided to leave it as it was (without fitted 100%) and let the cover of the housing make the pressure by simply screwing everything together.. The first attempt was not good enough, the display cover just didn't pushes down enough to make the connector having proper contact (still missing display items) but after inserting a thin plastic strip (cut from the plastic bag that you used to send the connectors) just between the cover and the LCD where to connector sits, screwed the cover and the housing together and bingo, everything alright! As you can imagine I'm leave it as it is now and don't have the guts to make any more changes anymore. I've added some pictures taken from the whole exercise.. Tom, Thanks again for all your help and good advice..
Karel van Heijnsbergan - The Netherlands - 2013

Sailboat - Navman 3100 Speed and Depth - Repair and Return - "Tom, You're the man!!!"
Bob Murphy - Mountville, PA USA- 2013

Sailboat - Navman 3100 Multi - "Today I have repaired the instrument according to your instructions. It went perfect! I'm really satisfied and it was very easy, even for me who has never done anything like this before. Thank you for very good service! "
David Gemback - Partille, Sweden - 2013

Catalina 30 Sailboat - Navman 3100 Depth - "I'm writing to confirm that I received your kit earlier this week. I've now installed it and the instrument is working perfectly. Thanks for your help and great service. "
Kevin Pullar - Capalaba, Queensland Australia - 2013

Sailboat - Navman 3100 Speed - "My NAVMAN 3100 SPEED display was behaving in a wonky fashion at the end of the sailing season last year. Sometimes all the digits were displayed correctly. At other times, only parts of the digits were shown. The display even varied between times that the display was in shade or in direct sunlight. I had resigned myself to having to purchase a new display unit when an Internet search for a D.I.Y. fix found just the ticket at On this site, INDIGO ELECTRONICS supplies a complete kit for a NAVMAN SPEED 3100 for the price of $25.00 USD, a far cry from the over $300.00 CAD that I would have had to spend for a compatible new plug-in unit. With 3-day FedEx delivery to Canada and dollar exchange, it brought the cost to roughly $39.00 CAD. It appears that the main culprit for the faulty display is a ribbon connector within the unit. Apparently, temperature, humidity or aging adhesive can be the cause of intermittent display connections within the unit. INDIGO uses an entirely different style of connector called a ZEBRA elastomeric connector. The correctly-sized connector comes in a kit complete with a small syringe of sealant, an adhesive backed expanded teflon shim and even a T7 Torx bit with which to open the case of the instrument. An eight page set of very detailed and explicit directions, with pictures, walks you through the process of removing the old ribbon connector and installing the new Zebra connector. There is also a YouTube video ( you can access through the INDIGO site. How long does it take to do the fix? One who has done it before could perhaps do the job in twenty minutes or less. Amateurs like me take a little longer. I figure the whole job took me less than an hour, though. So far I have only bench tested the unit, but the display remains stable throughout all modes. I am looking forward to installing it back on my CS27 sailboat soon. At about 13% of the cost for a whole new unit, the small investment in time and money was well worth it. "
Richard Bera - Brantford, ON Canada - 2013

Sailboat - Navman 3100 Depth and Speed - "The repairs went flawlessly! Excellent written instructions and video. "
Chris Sacco - North Yarmouth, ME USA- October 2013

Sailboat - Navman 3100 Wind, Depth and Speed - "I installed the repair kits into my Navman 3100 instruments with 100% success. I can't thank you enough you saved another poor boater. Money is tight and this really bailed me out. "
Reg Nordby - Victoria BC, Canada - November 2013

Vindo 50 Sailboat - Navman 3100 Wind, Repeater, G Pilot - "to-day I received the Zebra connectors, immediately I tried to repair the Navman Repeater, and after a couple of trials I succeded, and I am most happy now... To-morrow I will make more practice with the Wind, and then I will go after the G-Pilot, which of course is my main goal. One of the things that disturb me most is to dump marvellous modern devices, simply because trivial things go wrong. I cannot understand why such a simple repair was not suggested to me by the Navman representative in Italy (Navman is not selling boat instruments any more, and I think I understand why). I want to thank you very much, and I really hope your business will go on and make you rich... "
Gavril Grueff - Sasso Marconi, Italy - November 2013

Sailboat - Navman 3100 Wind, Depth and Speed - "Regarding the 3 kits you sent to us several days ago, we wish you to know that we have already repaired the three Navmans 3100 (wind, depth, speed) with great success, we installed them at the sailing boat (29 feet) and sailed with hard winds, that means vibrations and hits, and the performance was perfect. "
Juan Lavaisse - Alberto Ceballose - Buenos Aires, Argentina - February 2014

Sailboat - Navman 3100 Multi - "Thank you so much for sharing your solution to the Navman 3100 Multi display gremlin and for providing the kit to fix the problem. Having endured the frustration of a fragmented digital display for the past 3 years, the discovery of your video on YouTube was the answer I had been looking for. The kit was received in Australia via FedExpress in a matter of days - the "Installation Instructions" were clear and explicit and together with your excellent YouTube video made the installation very easy to follow. The installation of the new connector was completed in about an hour and my Navman 3100 Multi has been re-born !! The best value USD $35 that I ever spent ! Many thanks once again Tom, you are a saviour to the band of Navman devotees ! "
John Deans - Adelaide, South Australia - February 2014

Sailboat - Navman 3100 Speed - "3 hours ago I received the connector kit for repairing my NAVMAN 3100 speed indicator. Very good service of you to ship, after my order on Tuesday, that same day and not bad of FEDEX to deliver via Memphis and Paris to my address in the Netherlands within 2 days. After reading your very clear instructions and watching your U-tube instruction video once more, I managed to repair the unit as you can see on the attached photo, although I am not familiar with electronics repairs at all. It is really as simple as it shows on the video. I am very happy to have my indicator working again so I can mount it next to the same type depth sounder, Thanks and kind regards, "
Dick Muller - Hulsberg, The Netherlands - February 2014

Sailboat - Navman 3100 Depth - " Did the repair today and I must say I am Impressed with your tech writer skills. I went from a totally dead display to fully functional. Gave you a very nice tag on Meridian Yacht Owners. Website. Well done and thanks!! "
Steve Berroth - Marina del Rey - May 2014

Sailboat - Navman 3100 Multi - " Thank you for the Zebra Connector Kit, now my Navman Multi 3100 works fine again! I would like to order another repair kit for my friend. He has also Navman Multi 3100 which has trouble with it's display. "
Jouko Tomminen - Orimattila, Finland - June 2014

Sailboat - Navman 3100 Multi - " I was not surprised when my Navman Multi fired right up the first time after following the excellent instructions...every thing I have purchased from Atomic4 has been exactly what I needed - even when stranded and the parts were rushed to my temporary anchorage... Thanks again Tom!!"
Jeff Stallings - WindSong - Jordan Creek, North Carolina - Nov 2014

Westerly Griffon Sailboat - Navman 3100 Multi - " Hi,just to let you know that my instrument has returned safe . The covers are a much tighter fit than the old ones and should help to keep the weather out better. I would like to say thank you for your excellent service and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my sailing colleges,the mailing costs which I thought would be a problem are no more than within the U K So once again thank you Peter. "
Peter Jenkins - Plymouth, England - Feb 2015

Navman 3100 Multi - " Just finished repairing the Navman 3100 Multi this arvo. It took three shots of disassembly and assembly before I was able to satisfy myself that had I got it right. Bit of a fiddly process but patience prevailed and I now have a working display except for the alarm but I can live without an alarm. Thanks very much for your prompt service and straight forward instructions. I'll spread the word to fellow sailors down under in OZ. Ta! "
"Aussie Sailor" - Australia - April 2015

Navman 3100s Wind - " A fellow sailor and I headed out to Singapore from Seattle to do a shake down on one of our boats we are bring back across the Pacific. During this we find out our Navman Wind is out of sorts and being that Singapore is hard to get parts, we opt for the repair route. With just a few days left on the repair trip we contact Tom, find the cost to ship and prepay in the middle of our Friday night local time. He ships that same day while we sleep from the States and it arrives Monday morning local (equivalent of Sun, Seattle time). After running though the guide, turns out out device is slightly different than what has been seen before, so he issues a refund. He is super responsive, and from a fellow sailor in a pinch, I would recommend checking out the repair kit, it seemed like it would have worked if our device wasn't a different setup and is incredibly well documented - a rare find for old electronics."
Ryan Terwedo - Singapore/Seattle- Oct 2015

Navman 3100 Speed - "Just a quick message thanking you very much for the DIY Navman Speed 3100 repair kit. It arrived on time & it took a couple of hours for myself & one of my "Wrinkly" crewmen to do the repair. Your Youtube video & attached instructions were first class. The unit fired up first time on test & is now back on the boat working perfectly. Being "Electronically challenged", I don't spend much time searching on the internet, but decided as a last resort to have a quick look to see if there was any information available. I had already resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to spend $1400 on a new log. What a surprise to find you! I am highly delighted with the repair & the service I got from you. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my sailing friends in New Zealand. Many thanks again. "
Chris Nieman - Wakefield NZ - Dec 2015

Navman 3100 Depth - "Tom, I just did the repair on my Navman 3100 Depth. I followed your video directions on YouTube it was as easy as it looks. The unit is back up and working great. You saved me a lot of money and I will recommend your repair kit to my friends that have Navman. Thanks again and again. Adam "
Adam Lambersky - New Jersey USA\- June 2016

Navman 3100 Depth and 3100 Fuel- "Hi, Just wanted to say that Your Do It Youself (DIY) repair kit for Navman 3100 series worked great. Both my Navman Fuel 3100 and Navman Depth 3100 had the display problem and both where fixed rather easy with Your repair kits. Excellent instructions with the kits. Just a couple of hours work to fix both my Navman instruments. Well worth the money and time spent. Thanks for making this repair kit avaliable at modest price. regards, Bo"
Bo Edstrom - Sweden - July2016

Navman 3100 Depth and 3100 Speed- "Hi Tom, we received the parts package on the scheduled day - many thanks. I must tell you that i am very happy with the results. I completed the component updates on both depth and speed following your instructions to the letter! Both worked first go when tested :-) I have never done any electronic type things like this before and not only found it easy and interesting But also very rewarding. Thanks again for providing a great cost effective solution saving a lot of cash to replace the components. Sincerely "
Peter Schlyder - Brisbane - Australia - May 2018

NorthStar3100 Depth- "Thanks again. Great workmanship, quick turnaround and very reasonable price. I installed today and it looks like new. Good service is hard to find these days, but you definitely fit the description. I sent another individual your way that had my same problem with the same product. Regards,"
Ryan Retetagos- St Petersburg FL - USA - Sept 2018

NavMan 3200 Fuel- " I just fixed my Navman 3200 display with your kit and video. Satisfying to say the least. Thank you !!! The tricky part was to gently squeeze the connector so that all pixels became visible. "
Joachim Eriksson- BROMMA Sweden - March 2019

Crowther 40ft Catamaran - NavMan 3100 Multi " I am so grateful to have found your site and a solution for the Navman LCD display. We received your repair kit and fitted the new 58mm Fujipoly connector to our Navman Multi last weekend. We were all thrilled to see the display working again. Thankyou thankyou thankyou. "
Helena Ward and family - Sydney Australia - March 2019

Southern Cross 31 - NavMan 3100 Multi "Your kit and instructions were excellent...took me about 2 hrs....very nice to have my depth finder back! "
Wells Hodous - Cape Elizabeth ME - USA - April 2019

Sailboat - Navman 3100 Wind - "I want to thank you for the Navman kit. It worked exactly as advertised, and the detailed instructions made it a simple process. You saved me a few hundred dollars and a lot of work by not needlessly replacing an expensive instrument. Feel free to add this comment to any feedback section you have. A very satisfied customer, Jason "
Jason Case - Port Canaveral, FL - June 2020

Power Boat - Navman 3100 Fuel - "I wanted to thank you for the quick service and clear directions supplied with the repair kit. I was able to fix my display in about an hour taking my time. The display worked perfectly as soon as I powered up. I didn't even need to adjust the zebra strip. Well worth the price. John "
John North - Sherwood, OR - April 2021

NavMan 3100 Depth- "I thought you might be interested in feedback: I installed the kit today and it worked without a hitch on the first try. All the instructions were clear and easy to follow and I really appreciate the professional work you put in. I work in aviation and when I work as a hobby on my boat I often feel that the attitude towards precise instructions leaves a bit to be desired in marine installations. - but not at all in your case. Thank you very much. Mit freundlichen Grüßen "
Jakob Bernhart- Berlin GermanyBROMMA Sweden - October 2021

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