Atomic 4 1/2 Notch LockTestimonial Page

Pearson 30 - "After experiencing some slippage a couple years back, I tightened my A4's forward gear adjustment by one notch. My issue with slippage was resolved, however an uncomfortable amount of force was now required to move the shift lever far enough forward to engage the detent. As a cruiser, I frequently find myself in situations where being able to quickly and easily move in and out of gear is important, so I was excited to try this kit when Indigo reached out about it. I found the installation straightforward and was able to reduce the force required (without reintroducing slippage) in under half an hour. Whether anchoring in unfamiliar harbors or approaching mooring balls on the reef, my crew and I have been very pleased with this improvement. Thank you Indigo!"

Jesse Tane NY 2022


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